The Political Implications of Epigenetics: Emerging Narratives and Ideologies

Does epigenetics challenge contemporary political ideologies? This small study may serve as a starting point for broader studies of epigenetics as it comes to affect political ideologies and, in turn, public policies. The narrative mix reported here could yet prove vulnerable to ideological capture, or, more optimistically, could portend the emergence of a "third-way" narrative using epigenetics to question atomistic individualism and allowing for less divisiveness in public-health domains such as obesity.

Epigenetics in the Media versus Academia

by Shea Robison (@EpigeneticsGuy) In a previous post I looked at the publication rates of articles on epigenetics in Science magazine. I picked Science as a measure of the exposure of the science-informed public to epigenetics. The take-home point from that post is that attention to epigenetics by this segment of the population is increasing at an increasing rate. However, there … Continue reading Epigenetics in the Media versus Academia