Epigenetics and the Cold War

The politicization of biology in the West before and during the Cold War was to play a significant role in the development of the science of genetics in the West over the subsequent fifty years, particularly in the prejudice against epigenetics—which also helps to explain the recent and seemingly sudden (re)emergence of epigenetics within the last decade or so.

Epigenetics as a Political Revolution?

by Shea Robison (@EpigeneticsGuy) An article by Angela Saini recently published in The Observer (the Sunday edition sister paper of The Guardian UK) detailed some of the exciting and/or troubling implications of epigenetics. In this article Saini provides an excellent summation of the recent and not so recent developments in epigenetics. She also does a good job of acknowledging the significant amount … Continue reading Epigenetics as a Political Revolution?

History, Part III: Epigenetics and the Dustbin of History

by Shea Robison In addition to the reasons discussed here and here, another cause for the split between genetics and epigenetics, and the different trajectories of each, has to do with geography and world events. As mentioned before, the fields of genetics and embryology – which was where most of the work on epigenetics was being … Continue reading History, Part III: Epigenetics and the Dustbin of History