Why Epigenetics and Politics? The Response

There are obviously no solid answers to these questions yet, given the state of both the science and contemporary public policy, but my project is to begin to ask these questions now in the case that the science of epigenetics begins to make its way into the public policy domain.

Why Epigenetics and Politics? A Critique

I’m not sure epigenetics constitutes such a fundamental shift in our understandings of genetics and inheritance as to actually warrant much change in our present policies [and] I don’t think society is about to start outlawing stuff because of its negative effects two generations down the road.

The Political Implications of Epigenetics: Emerging Narratives and Ideologies

Does epigenetics challenge contemporary political ideologies? This small study may serve as a starting point for broader studies of epigenetics as it comes to affect political ideologies and, in turn, public policies. The narrative mix reported here could yet prove vulnerable to ideological capture, or, more optimistically, could portend the emergence of a "third-way" narrative using epigenetics to question atomistic individualism and allowing for less divisiveness in public-health domains such as obesity.

Epigenetics By Any Other Name? What Epigenetics Should and Should Not Be

by Shea Robison (@EpigeneticsGuy) As discussed here and here, epigenetics is rapidly emerging as a prominent focus of study in the natural and life sciences, but has not quite yet made much of an impact on public awareness. (For those unfamiliar with epigenetics, the name comes from the Greek root epi-, meaning ‘above’ or ‘over,’ which … Continue reading Epigenetics By Any Other Name? What Epigenetics Should and Should Not Be