More About Waddington: Socialism, Science, and Epigenetics

The convergence of political ideology and biology in the work of Waddington helps to explain the development of his conception of the epigenotype, and of epigenetics as the scientific study of this epigenotype. Likewise, this convergence of biology and ideology is equally pertinent for understanding the development of the science of genetics as we now know it, which until the last decade or so more or less excluded epigenetics from serious consideration.

A Brief History of Epigenetics: C.H. Waddington

by Shea Robison (@EpigeneticsGuy) Read updated posts on Waddington here, with additional details, as excerpts from my forthcoming book : C.H. Waddington: Genesis of the Original Epigeneticist More About Waddington: Socialism, Science, and Epigenetics (See also A Brief History of Epigenetics: Jean-Baptiste Lamarck) In the history of contemporary Western evolutionary theory, the first use of the term epigenetics is generally attributed … Continue reading A Brief History of Epigenetics: C.H. Waddington

Epigenetics and Environmental Ethics I

by Shea Robison (@EpigeneticsGuy) As first discussed in this previous post, Dr. Randy Jirtle makes the provocative assertion that epigenetics presents a unique possibility for unifying the life sciences. Jirtle then suggests that epigenetics also provides a bridge between the social and the life sciences. I believe that the epigenetics presents another possibility for unification in still yet another domain: … Continue reading Epigenetics and Environmental Ethics I

The Epigenetic Evolution of Genetics (and Epigenetics)

by Shea Robison Instead of the evolution of modern genetics and the Modern Synthesis as a progressive process of gradually narrowing in on the one true path of scientific knowledge, the history of genetics suggests that genetics could have developed along any number of alternate pathways, including paths in which epigenetics was accepted in one form … Continue reading The Epigenetic Evolution of Genetics (and Epigenetics)