Epigenetics in the Media

The scientific interest in epigenetics has been growing at an exponential rate for the past few years. The coverage of epigenetics in the mass media is is growing as well but lags significantly behind the levels of attention found in the scientific research. As occurred with the science of genetics, at some point the significant attention being given to epigenetics in the sciences will crossover to the popular media. Discussions of the portrayal of epigenetics in the popular media, focusing on the narratives used to describe epigenetics in particular, can be found below under the category “Media” in the Categories list displayed on the right margin of this blog.

The Trans-ideological Potential of Epigenetics

“Understanding the Impact of Epigenetics” podcast

Epigenetics in Science Magazine

Epigenetics in Academia versus the Media

Epigenetics By Any Other Name? What Epigenetics Should and Should Not Be

When it Comes to Epigenetics, How Much Fun is Too Much? Comment and Reply


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