Milestone: 16,000 pages viewed


I started the Nexus of Epigenetics in July of 2014 as a side project while I was working on my dissertation, The Political Implications of Epigenetics: Novel Narratives of the Self, the Environment, and Causal Responsibility. My initial idea in starting the blog was to have a place I could post some work in progress that I could point to in job applications and interviews. I assumed I would get about 5 visits a month, if I was lucky, from people who somehow managed to stumble across my niche approach to a topic like epigenetics through an odd combination of politics, science and history. Anything more than that would have been quite exciting.

As of this morning, more than 16,000 pages have been viewed by over 9,000 visitors. One of my favorite parts of managing this blog is being able to see where people who visit the blog are from, and to see that they literally come from all around the world, and to see that there is interest in an approach like mine to epigenetics.

While 16,000 views over three years are clearly not Kardashian numbers, it exceeds my expectations by literally 8888% (I did the math). So I want to thank everyone who has visited the Nexus of Epigenetics and who will visit in the future. Stay tuned for my forthcoming book, Epigenetics and Public Policy: The Tangled Web of Science and Politics, to be released January of 2018. If you like the blog, you are going to LOVE the book. Finally, I want to ask would it kill you to leave a comment or two? Otherwise, I hope to see you around here again soon.


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