Epigenetics and Ideology

by Shea Robison (@EpigeneticsGuy) In a previous paper I discuss at length the more immediate practical political implications of epigenetics via its impact on the two dominant causal narratives in obesity policy: the salience of individual responsibility versus the influence of environmental or institutional factors. In particular I detail how epigenetics complicates the alleged opposition of these two narratives by incorporating … Continue reading Epigenetics and Ideology

“Understanding the Impact of Epigenetics” podcast

by Shea Robison (@EpigeneticsGuy) Understanding the Impact of Epigenetics podcast Below are links to posts and papers I mention in this podcast about epigenetics and health that I participated in as a panel member hosted by the health and fitness website BreakingMuscle.com: When it Comes to Epigenetics, How Much Fun is Too Much? Comment and Reply Epigenetics By Any Other Name? What … Continue reading “Understanding the Impact of Epigenetics” podcast